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    System maintenance/operation service

    We offer an operation service of IT system that is used by our client. We prepare various kinds of services from a remote service that is a bargain plan to a service for which we send a technician to our client to stay and work there.

    お客様の中にあるIT システムの運用サービスを提供します。
    格安なプランの遠隔サービスから、お客様先へ技術者を常駐させて対応する サービスまで各種準備しています。

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    PC asset management service

    Since there is a development of various styles of working such as working from home, there is of course a high demand for computers. This is a service for the management of these computers. While there exists many asset management tools, our asset management system is superior in a sense that it can manage in connection with the existing system.


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    Mobile asset management service

    We entered into the time of “mobile first,” and the situations where works are promoted by mobile phones rather than computers are increasing. Isn’t it a case that there are many departments that lend mobile phones to employees inside companies? We offer a service which enables the asset management of these mobile phones just like computers.


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    Automatic account generation service

    Handling at the time of entering a company and resignation from a company requires a lot of workload. This is a service to automate this flow. Control such as the generation of an account that needs to be generated based on the documents related to entering a company, or stopping an account based on the resignation documents at the time of resignation.

    多くの企業の中で発生する単純作業の中で、入社時の対応と退職時の 対応は非常に稼働のかかる作業です。この流れを自動化させるサービスです。

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    Infrastructure environment building service

    This is a service to build an office environment using the Windows server. It’ s a service to create an environment that is a minimum required to create an office such as a domain environment or a file server environment for start-up companies or small and medium-sized businesses.

    Windows サーバを使ったオフィス環境を構築するサービスです。
    スタートアップ企業や中小企業向けにドメイン環境やファイルサーバ環境など、オフィスを作る時に最低限必要となる 環境を作るサービス。

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    Camera security management service

    A camera that is mounted by default on each kind of mobile phone. We offer a system which controls information leakage using this camera. It’ s a system which will not allow the data photographed by a mobile phone camera to be saved on the mobile phone body, and which will manage the data at other specific location and also enable browsing management.