Public Statement on Personal Information

Public Statement on Personal Information

  • About handling personal information

    1.Usage purpose of personal information that our company handles

    1. Before obtaining personal information directly from anyone as documents (including homepage or e-mail), we’ll clearly indicate the usage purpose of personal information.
    2. Usage purpose of personal information obtained by other than preceding items
      Category Usage purpose
      Personal information obtained from Clients due to acceptance of Entrusted services To carry out the corresponding services that are entrusted properly
  • Publicize the items related to retained personal data

    We’ll respond as follows regarding the notification of usage purpose from someone or his or her agent, disclosure, correction of contents, addition or deletion, suspension of use, and elimination and request for the suspension of provision to a third party (hereinafter referred to as “request for disclosure, etc.”) for retained personal data that our company retains.

    Company name
    Xerotta Inc.
    Manager of personal information
    • Name of manager, position name, manager of personal information protection
    • Department Xetotta Inc. Management headquarters
    • Contact telephone 03(6264)3408
    Usage purpose of all retained personal data
    Category Usage purpose
    Our company’s employee information and retiree information For personnel and human resource management of employees, task control, health management, and security management
    Information of recruitment applicants for our company For communication to recruitment applicants and recruitment task management
    Personally identifiable information For usage purpose defined in Number Act
    Contact information for complaints regarding the handling of retained personal data
    • NEWS Tsukiji-Building 7F, 3-3-2, Tsukiji, Chou-ku, Tokyo 104-0045
    • Xerotta Inc. Contact person for personal information inquiry
    • TEL:03‐6264‐3408
    Authorized personal information protection organization

    Name of authorized personal information protection organization
    Contact information for complaint resolution
    Personal information protection complaint office


    Inside Roppongi First Building, 1-9-9, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032



    Procedure to respond to the request for disclosure, etc. of retained personal data
    1. Contact for requesting disclosure, etc.

      Please contact the above contact for personal information inquiry.

    2. Procedure to request disclosure, etc.
      1. After accepting the request, our company will mail the given claim form that you’ll use, “claim form for disclosure, etc. for retained personal data.”
      2. Please mail the written claim form, a document to check an agent in the case of a request by an agent, and a postal money order that is worth the fee (only in the case of notification of the usage purpose and request for disclosure) to the above contact for personal information inquiry.
      3. After receiving the above claim form, we’ll ask about two items or so (ex. telephone number and a birthdate, etc.) with which the sender of the form can be identified out of personal information that is already registered at our company.
      4. In principle, we’ll respond in writing (mailing an envelope) to the claimant.
    3. In the case of a request by an agent, a document to prove as an agent

      If a person requesting disclosure, etc. is an agent, please enclose a document to prove as an agent as well as a document to prove oneself. Permanent address information contained in each document should be up to prefecture, and any information after that should be black-painted.

      1. Document to prove as an agent
        In the case of an agent whom the person has appointed for the request of disclosure, etc.
        A letter of attorney from the person in question (original)
        When an agent is an attorney-in-fact of a minorA copy of any of the below
        • A copy of family register
        • A resident card (a relationship is stated)
        • A public document that can check the power of representation.
        When an agent is an attorney-in-fact of an adult wardA copy of any of the below
        A certificate of registered matters for registration of guardian, etc.
        Any other public document that can check the power of legal representation
      2. Documents to prove an agent himself or herself
        • A driver’s license
        • A passport
        • A card for subject insured by health insurance
        • A resident card
        • A basic resident register card
    4. A fee for the request of notification of usage purpose or disclosure

      1,000 yen per request
      (Please enclose a postal money order in the claim form, etc.)

This is the end of the document.



  • 個人情報の取扱いについて


    1. ご本人から直接書面によって取得する個人情報(ホームページや電子メール等によるものを含む)の利用目的取得に先立ち、ご本人に対し書面により明示します。
    2. 前項以外の方法によって取得する個人情報の利用目的
      分類 利用目的
  • 保有個人データに関する事項の周知


    • 管理者名職名個人情報保護管理責任者
    • 所属部署Xerotta株式会社 経営本部
    • 連絡先電話03(6264)3408
    分類 利用目的
    当社従業員情報及び退職者情報 社員の人事労務管理、業務管理、健康管理、セキュリティ管理のため
    当社への採用応募者情報 採用応募者への連絡と当社の採用業務管理のため
    特定個人情報 番号法に定められた利用目的のため
    • 〒104-0045 東京都中央区築地 3-3-2 NEWS築地ビル7階
      Xerotta株式会社 個人情報問合せ係
    • メールアドレス
    • TEL:03‐6264‐3408



    〒106-0032 東京都港区六本木一丁目9番9号六本木ファーストビル内



    1. 開示等の求めの申し出先


    2. 開示等の求めに関するお手続き
      1. お申し出受付け後、当社からご利用いただく所定の請求書様式「保有個人データ開示等請求書」を郵送いたします。
      2. ご記入いただいた請求書、代理人によるお求めの場合は代理人であることを確認する書類、
      3. 上記請求書を受領後、ご本人確認のため、当社に登録していただいている個人情報のうちご本人確認可能な2項目程度(例:電話番号と生年月日等)の情報をお問合せさせていただきます。
      4. 回答は原則としてご本人に対して書面(封書郵送)にておこないます。
    3. 代理人によるお求めの場合、代理人であることを確認する資料


      1. 代理人である事を証明する資料
        • 戸籍謄本
        • 住民票(続柄の記載されたもの)
        • その他法定代理権の確認ができる公的書類
        • 後見登記等に関する登記事項証明書
        • その他法定代理権の確認ができる公的書類
      2. 代理人様ご自身を証明する資料
        • 運転免許証
        • パスポート
        • 健康保険の被保険者証
        • 住民票
        • 住民基本台帳カード
    4. 利用目的の通知または開示のお求めについての手数料