September 2018NEWS & PICLOG

Our renewed “Xerotta” that has passed five years after the company’s foundation


Difficult five years.

It will be five years on September 17, 2018 after the company’s foundation. We are now at a stage where we passed the foundation period, growth period and stable period, and we are about to enter the regression period. We are now determined to take actions for the second growth period, and thinking of making a clean start.

During the foundation period, there was a high demand for a high number of employees because of a need to respond to various tasks. We have utilized the services of several companies’ job search sites, reviewed interview methodologies, widened the range of obtaining new projects by strengthening sales and marketing, or started new businesses.

At one point, the number of our employees has increased up to forty, and we even began to consider the expansion of our HQ office. However, troubles among employees who have joined our companies newly have continued. The number of employees who resign has become outstanding while a relationship of mutual trust was difficult to build among mid-career hires who have suddenly increased. The number of employees has decreased to thirty now. As a result, about thirty percent of mid-career hires have left our company.

Furthermore, while our company is a young company that has been around for five years after its foundation, we have received low reviews at the company evaluation sites. While nothing is clearly stated, reviews suggest as if our company is a “sweatshop.” We would like to face these evaluations sincerely, and feel that there’s a room for a lot of improvement for us.


Nonetheless, we have grown steadily.

However, on the other hand, an increase in sales and expansion of projects have been continuing thanks to the efforts of remaining mid-career hires and the members who are with us since the company’s foundation. We are actually creating new services of our own as well.

Since the comings and goings of employees were intense, we have begun to think what “trust” is seriously. We have reviewed the ratio of new fires for the number of employees at our company. The number of employees who have resigned from 2017 till now is way below thirty percent, and the resignation ratio is under ten percent.

A lot of people who are working with us now are outstanding, and our company is steadily making progress.

We are planning to focus on the implementation of our company’s own services for two thousand eighteen business year. We are capable of promoting the plan systematically as a preparation period towards two thousand nineteen business year.


Accepting reflection, we move onto the next growth period

By the way, reflecting upon these past five years, we would like to implement two new policies in order to move onto further growth based on various reflections.

First, we’d like to create our company’s own services. We’ll create our own services which are fully prepared for their development based on own various experiences with clients. Core members of our company are already reviewing what can be considered as our company’s own services.

Second, we’d like to strengthen trust relationship building with our employees. Not to mention the trust relationship with existing employees, we’d like to aim for building a trust relationship with future hires as a part of our company’s PR.

In addition, as for recruitment, we’ll review the recruitment ratio. We’ll switch our policies from the one to “hire a necessary number of persons due to the expansion of projects” to the one to keep the number of annual hires under twenty percent of the number of all the employees at our company.” We’d like to implement from both trust relationship building aspect and education aspect properly.

For the next five years, we’d like to make it as a period to evolve greatly, using our experiences during the past five years as a stepping stone.

Our employees, client companies, and people we will meet in the future, thank you for your continued cooperation.