November 2018KNOWLEDGE

Security information for Japan Vulnerability Notes (JVN)


Security information for Japan Vulnerability Notes (JVN)

Products subject to version upgrade.

MacOS Mojave Version before 10.14.1. MacOS High Sierra (Security Update 2018-001 not yet applied). Mac OS Sierra (Security Update 2018-005 Not Applicable yet) Version before tvOS 12.1. Prior to iOS 12.1. Version before watchOS 5.1. Version before iTunes 12.9.1. iCloud for Windows versions prior to 7.8. Version before Safari 12.0.1.

Possible influences.

AFP server attack through HTTP client. Arbitrary code execution. information leak. Buffer overflow. Elevation of privilege. Service operation obstruction (DoS). Falsification of file system. UI Spoofing. Restriction avoidance. Cross site scripting. Address bar barrage.

For details, refer to the information provided by Apple.